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TA88 Set of Wireless Tow Light

TA88 Set of Wireless Tow Light

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Introducing the TA88, a set of wireless tow lights built tough for the job site. These lights come with 80LB magnets and a small 2.64"x2.64"x17" housing, making them more compact and reliable than bulky competitor lights. The TA88 provides stop, tail, and turn signals, as well as an amber flasher that can be activated when needed.

With dual lithium rechargeable batteries per light bar, the lights can run for up to 19 hours from a single charge (note: battery run time may vary depending on usage). Say goodbye to corded lights with the TA88's rechargeable lithium batteries that have a charge cycle of more than 1000 times, meaning you won't have to replace them for years.

The extended wireless connection uses RF technology that can even work through metal, concrete, or plastic blockages, so you don't have to worry about losing signals. These lights are perfect for work trucks, trailers, and mobile home totter movers, ensuring that you stay safe and visible on the job site.

We've made an update to the light bar control system by incorporating the use of two batteries per light bar. This means you'll get even more use out of your lights before needing to recharge.

Using multiple batteries in parallel can increase battery run time and extend the life cycle of the batteries. Not only that, but it also increases the capacity and energy density of the battery system, while reducing stress on each individual battery. This means that your battery system will last longer and you'll save money in the long run.

Our customers who've made the switch to two batteries have given us positive feedback. With our TA88 wireless magnetic taillight system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lights will work when you need them most, and you'll save money on batteries in the long run.

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