How to rewire 7-pin plug with Stop


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Wiring Lead Definitions

Green => Left Turn

White => Right Turn

Black   => Ground

Red => Stop


General Operation:

  1. To gain access to the front part unscrew the set screw on top.
  2. Loosen the transponder tube by unscrewing the set screw located at the end of the plug. Loosen it just enough that the tube slides in.
  3. Push the transponder tube toward the front end to pop the RV 7-pin tip out.
  4. You will see three colored wires. Mark their location and unscrew them off.
  5. Insert the new replacement transmitter.
  6. Screw the wires as color code labeled above and the marked locations. Pin out is by shown below.
  7. Insert the new transmitter in place.
  8. Push the front end in place and screw the set screw.
  9. Push the transponder tube end in till it push against the front plug and screw the end set screw back in. Don’t push the too far or over-tighten the screw. It might damage the transponder.
  10. Now you are done! The transponder is ready for use.
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