Let’s Light Up Your Way!


Let’s Light Up Your Way!


Thank you for purchasing a TowAide Wireless TowLight!

Parts included: The Light, Transmitter, and a Cigarette Lighter Charge Cord (DC charger).

Electronics are fully potted to withstand moisture, corrosion, or vibration damage.

General Operation:

  1. First, plug the transmitter into the connector socket on the truck.
  2. Power the TowLight on by flipping the On/Off switch to the ‘On’ position.
    1. The light will go through a brief flash sequence
    2. The TowLight should now be fully operational for wireless turn signals.
  3. Use the 12VDC power charger cord provided to recharge the TowLight.
    1. It takes 6-8 hours to fully recharge the battery.
    2. Plug the charger after every use to extend battery life.
  4. Check the light is securely fastened to the load and the magnets are clean of debris.
    1. Use caution when securing the TowLight to the vehicle. Keep your fingers clear.
    2. Batteries must be disposed of properly. Do not short circuit or dispose of in fire.
    3. Batteries are supplied partially discharged and must be charged prior to use.
  5. The transmitter tube end should be clear of any metal objects.
    1. Metallic objects absorb wireless energy and reduce transmitter range
    2. Transmitter should point in the direction of the lights. 
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