Tow Light Battery Repacement Instructions


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Thank you for purchasing a TowAide Wireless TowLight!

General Operation:

Note. Dispose of the battery properly. Don’t burn or throw into the trash. Don’t short the battery terminals. Don’t plug the wires in reverse. It might explode and cause personal injury.

If needed Towaide replace the battery without any labor cost. Towaide llc is not liable if instructions is not followed properly.

  1. To gain access to the battery unscrew three set of screws on each end of the light bar as shown below.
  2. Remove the two black end covers.
  3. Remove the foam slowly. Foam is used to secure the battery and the memory of the light bar. See picture below.
  4. On the power switch end, you should see the toggle red power switch with two red wires plugged into its two terminals. See the picture below. Slowly unplug them.
  5. Next slowly pull the battery out of the light bar. The battery comes with three colored wires. They are RED, GREEN, and BLACK. Unplug the Green and Black wires to detach the battery from the memory board.
  6. Replace the new battery by attaching the battery’s green wires to the memory’s green wire and attaching the Battery’s Black wire to the Black wire of the memory board. The Battery’s Red wire goes onto the power toggle switch.
  7. Carefully insert the battery into the light bar. Hold onto the memory’s Red wire while placing the battery into the light bar so it does not go deep into the tube.
  8. After inserting the battery into the light bar plug the battery’s red wire into one of the power switch terminal and the memory’s red wire into the second power switch terminal.
  9. Flip the power switch on to check the replacement is successful.
  10. If the light bar light goes through its light verification sequence you have successfully replaced the battery.
  11. Make sure the battery quick disconnect terminals are fully sited.
  12. Slowly inset the foams into place.
  13. Place the two black cover on end of the tube and secure them in place by tightening the six screws. Make sure you do not over tighten the screws.
  14. Now you are done! The light bar is ready for use.
  15. Batteries are supplied partially discharged and must be charged prior to use.
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