What is Flat Towing System

Flat towing is a method of towing a vehicle behind a motorhome with all four wheels on the ground. This is in contrast to dolly towing or trailer towing, where the towed vehicle has two or all four wheels raised off the ground.

Components of a flat tow system:

  • Base plate: A metal plate that is mounted to the front frame of the towed vehicle. The tow bar attaches to the base plate.
  • Tow bar: A metal bar that connects the towed vehicle to the motorhome.
  • Safety cables: Two cables that attach the towed vehicle to the motorhome in case the tow bar fails.
  • Supplemental braking system: A system that applies the brakes on the towed vehicle when the motorhome brakes.
  • Electrical connector: A connector that connects the electrical system of the towed vehicle to the electrical system of the motorhome, so that the towed vehicle's taillights, brake lights, and turn signals work properly.
  • Breakaway kit: A device that applies the brakes on the towed vehicle if it becomes disconnected from the motorhome.
  • Wireless light controllerThe wireless light controller for RV homes delivers a notable advantage by offering a hassle-free wireless connection, eliminating the risk of cable breakage and keeping wires clean from dirt and debris.

Pros of flat towing:

  • It is easy to connect and disconnect.
  • It is more maneuverable than dolly towing or trailer towing.
  • It does not require storing a trailer or dolly when not in use.

Cons of flat towing:

  • Not all vehicles can be flat towed.
  • It puts additional wear and tear on the towed vehicle.
  • It requires modifying the towed vehicle to install the base plate.

Cost of a flat tow system:

A flat tow system can cost anywhere from $1,100 to $4,100, depending on the components that you choose.


Flat towing is a convenient and maneuverable way to tow a vehicle behind a motorhome. However, it is important to note that not all vehicles can be flat towed, and it does require some modification to the towed vehicle.

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