Why should I replace my wired towing Light?

Why should I replace my wired towing Light?

The question Why should I replace my wired lights comes often. This is our honest opinion.

Our customers swear by how much easier Towaide's Wireless Light is to use & more reliable than Wired Lights, because they didn't have 30' of wiring strung out. Especially it is Perfect for Drive Away drivers, to save time from stringing 30' of wire on Truck, after Truck, after Truck.

And, not only do they save time on every Truck on wiring, but also avoid frustration fixing wiring that gets damaged & worn. Time is $$ with their driving hours so restricted by D.O.T., it leaves more time available to drive, since they only get paid by the miles they drive. They don't get paid for any other work they do, such as time wasted stringing out frayed wiring.
Towaide wants to offer special discount for companies who want to help their drivers get work done efficiently. Call us and ask for company discount. Minimum order applies. 
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