Wireless Towing Light Instead of Wired

Wireless Towing Light Instead of Wired

Towing lights are one of the necessary car accessories if you are driving a truck or a towing car. They come in handy if you have to tow any broken car at night without any backlight. While it is very dangerous to tow a car in highway without any backlight, it is also a big hassle to set up a wired tow light at the back of the damaged car. The wire has to be connected with the towing car battery; the wire will be at least 100-150 meter long that will go all the way to the back of the damaged car.


One has to be very careful to fix the wire on the car, as any loosening of the wire may cause anunnecessary accident on the road. As a result, it takes a long time to set up the whole thing. This is where wireless tow lights come into the picture.


Wireless tow lights are easy to install, ready to use car accessories. The wireless tow lights have magnetic bars behind it. So it easy to attach to any steel body of damaged cars. It hardly takes any time to set up such a tow light. The magnetic back plate attaches easily and firmly to your equipment and you can be on the road in minutes. Also, there is no hassle of cables attached to the lights. Such wireless tow light, also known as magnetic light bar comes with rechargeable battery.

There are mainly two types of wireless tow lights: one which is powered on continuously and one which is controlled by remote control. Compared to others, the magnetic light bars’ remote control access are expensive. And to add to its list of advantages, you just need to plug in the transmitter and the tow light will work as your original car back light. The remote control provides wireless control over turn signals, brake lights, and running lights.

The wireless tow lights are very useful accessories not just for your household car, but also for trucks and trailers. If you have ever been caught in the middle of a trip or your departure was delayed because your tail lights were not working, you can understand the difficulties that such situation creates. Driving with a defective tail light on a highway can be very dangerous. The hazards of driving without lights far outweigh the investment in a truly wireless solution to your tail light needs.

Carrying a set of wireless tow lights is the best insurance you can buy to eliminate those difficulties. For big customized trailers, which are used for special industrial equipment transportation, wireless tow lights are a must. Sometimes such trailers are too long and they do not have a tail light. For such trailers, wireless tow lights need to be set on the back of the trailer or on the back of the equipment. Such wireless tail lights are also useful in airport luggage transportation trucks, where the towing trucks have detachable trolleys.

The wireless magnetic light bars can be set in any trolleys according to the requirement. To conclude, such wireless tow lights are a must have car accessories for cars with any purpose.

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