TA55 Set of Wireless Light

TA55 Set of Wireless Light

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TA55 light source features 6 hyper bright LEDs. Each of these units mounts easily and securely with 80Lb magnets. SAVE $$ and time. TA55 comes with rechargeable batteries. This one is a rechargeable LED bar like a cell phone. Just recharge overnight and use all day long.

Our wireless connection uses Bluetooth technology to overcome line-of-sight limitations. That means our lights will work through metal, concrete block, or plastic blockage.

  • Durable housing
  • Recharges from 12V
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics & LED's
  • Up to 10 hours before recharge
  • Approximately 1000ft range
  • Systems includes transmitter, light, charge cord, rubber covers and instructions
  • 7-Pin RV OR Round pin, 6-Pin, 4-Pin flat or round, and hardwire transmitters available

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