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New Year Sale!! Ends Dec 31st. TA88 Set of Wireless Light Bar

New Year Sale!! Ends Dec 31st. TA88 Set of Wireless Light Bar

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Made in the USA!

The TA88 is a rugged set of wireless tow lights designed specifically for hardworking individuals like you. These lights are built to withstand the demands of the job site, ensuring reliability and durability. With their compact 2.64"x2.64"x17" housing and powerful 80LB magnets, they outperform bulky competitor lights in terms of convenience and performance.

The TA88 provides all the essential functions you need, including stop, tail, and turn signals, along with an amber flasher that can be activated whenever necessary. No more dealing with custom batteries or corded lights – The TA88 features an innovative wireless light bar that runs on your choice of cordless drill batteries (choose the battery adapter option).  Attach your batteries to each light bar using the easy external battery adapter, and enjoy continuous operation.

Even in challenging work environments with metal, concrete, or plastic blockages, the extended wireless connection of the TA88, powered by RF technology, ensures uninterrupted signal transmission. These lights are perfect for various applications, from work trucks and trailers to mobile home totter movers, keeping you safe and visible on the job site at all times.

We've significantly enhanced the light bar control system by incorporating rechargeable batteries. This upgrade allows you to accurately monitor the battery charge level and estimate the remaining run time. By utilizing your existing drill batteries, you can extend the light bar's run time and maximize the overall lifespan of your batteries. This level of control saves you money in the long run and provides peace of mind.

Customers who have made the switch to external drill rechargeable batteries for their TA88 wireless magnetic taillight system have given us overwhelmingly positive feedback. With our TA88, you can trust that your lights will work reliably whenever needed while enjoying significant battery savings. Batteries are not included.

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